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Services We Provide

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School Coaching

Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary till grade 12th Boards - IB, IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE, SSC ALL SUBJECTS

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College Coaching

Grade 11th to 15th Science and Commerce

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Physics Chemistry and Mathematics

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Engineering Coaching

Physics, Chemistry, Math, Mechanics, All Computer Languages

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Python, C, C++, JAVA, Web Development, Data Science, AI-ML, Computer Vision, AWS, SQL

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Art Galore

Hindi Marathi Western vocal Music, Instruments - Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Tabla, Ukulele and Saxophone, Drawing - Elementary and Intermediate, Craft, Caligraphy, Handwriting

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Language Hub

Public Speaking English, Creative writing English, Debating English, Foregin Languages - French, German, Spanish. Indian Languages - Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati.

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Speed Math

Abacus and Vedic math

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Learning Disability

Majorly children from NIOS, Special needs, Learning disability and Homeschoolers. Subjects - Math, Science, English, Computer Science, Painting, Business Studies, Economics etc.

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IT Courses For Kids

Scratch, App Inventor, Applab, Python, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT

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Project Work

All types of IT project.


Have a look at projects done by our IT team



Face Detection Attendence System

Machine Learning

Heart Disease Prediction System

Machine Learning

Voice Controlled Home Automation


Pomegranate Disease Prediction

Machine Learning

Gesture Controlled Robotic Vehicle


Forecastng of sales



Web Scraping

Stroke and BMI Prediction

Machine Learning

Thyroid and Diabeties Prediction

Machine Learning

Timetable Generation

Deep Learning

canSTEm Education

Content Development

About Us

CCA was founded in the year 2017, by our Founding Partners Ms. Anisha Pimpale & Ms. Shubhangi Prachand. Since then we became a prominent educational platform and we have grown and expanded in offline / online coaching worldwide.
Our Co-Partners Ms. Aavni Shah & Ms. Rohini Vavale have been our support pillar in our establishment.
‘Education beyond books’, with this moto we have grown year on year.
Our team has grown over the years and our strength reaching great heights, we have introduced new and bright members in our Core Team. With the begining of the year 2022, our Founder Ms. Anisha Pimpale and team are excited to welcome our new Partner, Mr.Anil Pimpale to join this venture and help the team grow and excel.
We teach a wide range of subjects and provide an online platform for students across the globe. Education from Kindergarten to high school and beyond, we teach core subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Languages, Coding languages and others including Elemetary, Intermediate, Technical drawing, Music etc.
Our team of teachers & trainers have brought out the best in our students. ‘We believe Education helps in growth & overall development.’
Our team has grown from 15 Teachers to 56 and still growing year on year, our bond between Teachers and Parents have given us bright and outstanding achievers in every field.
Educational credentials of our teachers / trainers / experts are,
IIT, Doctors, B.E. in Computers, EnTC, B.E. Electronics, B.E. Mechanical, MBA, BTech, MSc. M.Com, M.Ed., BSc. B.Com, B.Ed.
Pre-Primary experts, Like ECCA certified teachers.
All teachers / trainers /Experts have more than 8 years of experience & maximum 25 years.


Testimonies from all around the world

  • Ms. Vinutha Manjunath


    My overall experience to date has been amazing and CCA is providing great platform for kids education across the globe. Your academy has provided my kid with number of opportuities to grow and explore her skills. Greatly appreciate the teachers effort and enthusiasm in motivating the students to learn with fun over the online learning.

  • Ms. Deepika Sooji


    CCA Academy has maintained the standard of teaching though my son Aarush is full time on distance learning, considering his age being 7. I was doubtful if it will work but CCA has high standard teaching staff who provide personal attention to kids and build intrest and develop skills at very young age. Aarush loves Maths coaching and I am highly impressed with academy.

  • image alt text

    Ms. Rajinder

    Washigton DC

    Great institute with amazing teachers. Very happy with CCA sevices. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to find tution services for their kids.

  • Ms. Tiksha Pimple


    Coaching is really nice, They give personal attention to each student. Management team is also very supportive.

  • Ms. Mona Shroff


    We had an amazing experience with CCA. During the peak pandemic time my daughter received appropriate help as the schools were having online lessons. My daughter received one on one coaching with the flexibility of hours from amazing teachers. Lara enjoys her Maths teachers and enjoys the interaction with them as they have helped her several times instantly with a short notice. CCA is a highly recommended institute.

  • Ms. Rekha


    I am really impressed with the progress of my daughter. Ruchika is making with maths. We tried online classes before however my child did not connect with the teacher as the teacher was always late to class and used to shout at mistakes. Ruchika respects Chitra a lot and is showing immense intrest in her teaching. Her confidence is increasing after every class and this is evident from her school performance as well.

  • Ms. Praveena Shetty


    It’s amazing to associate and work with CCA. Everything at one place with a professional team, It’s been so great working with you this year. I look forward to many more years to come!.

  • Ms. Gayatri


    This is a place where they truly care about your child’s success. My daughter has been with CCA since the last summer and we have seen improvement. They also don’t make you sign up for a long contract like other places do. If you need to change days, just call or message and Anisha take care of it, very flexible just wonderful! I highly recommend CCA tutors.they can do all subjects, meet any number of days and the prices are very affordable.

  • Ms. Akila


    I have taken sevices from CCA four times for various courses. CCA connected me with knowlegable and professional educators. I highly recommend CCA.

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Some of our best performing academic students

Aditya Prachand

Scored 98.8% SSC Board

Ishan Tanawade

Scored 98.6% SSC Board

Jay Dalvi

Scored 94.4% SSC Board

Yash Suvarna

Scored 86.4% SSC Board

Aaryan Oak

Scored 85% SSC Board

Aarya Patil

Scored 85% SSC Board

Arjun Pimpale

Scored 85% SSC Board

Krish Tawde

Scored 80% SSC Board

Siddhant Koli

Scored 80% SSC Board

Trisha Patel

Scored 70.6% SSC Board

Hrithik Kaneria

Scored 91% ICSE Board

Krutika Surve

Scored 87% ICSE Board

Shriyam Mishra

Scored 83% ICSE Board

Contact Us

For more information call on +91 9967588104